Travel and hotel information

This interactive map shows the workshop venue, the hotels (red), the bus and tram stops (blue), as well as some tourist attractions (green).

Airports and trains

These pdf files describe how to get to Ulm from the four closest airports:

Train schedules can be checked and tickets be purchased online. Alternatively, tickets can be bought at DB (Deutsche Bahn, German railways) counters or ticket machines at train stations or airports. The tickets can include metro train ("S-Bahn") sections (relevant for Stuttgart and Munich airport). The names of the stops are listed in the pdf files for the different airports.

Travel by car

Ulm can be reached via the German Autobahn A8 (connecting Stuttgart and Munich), exit “Ulm-West“, see also the airport pdf files. Parking information is included in the hotel pdf files. Since visitor parking is very limited at the University West campus, it is recommended to take a bus from your hotel to the workshop venue.

Hotels and local travel

Hotel information and maps as well as links to the hotel web pages are provided in this section.

Workshop hotels (booking deadline for reserved rooms: March 1, 2018):

Also recommended:

Local travel:

Local transportation tickets (bus or tram) can be purchased at ticket machines or with the driver. They are valid for unidirectional travel and allow to change between buses and trams. A single ticket ("Einzelfahrschein") costs 2.20 €. If you travel as a group, a one-day group ticket ("Tageskarte Gruppe", up to five people) for 7.50 € is a good deal. However, from Monday to Friday it is valid only from 8:30 h. The buses and trams run about every 10 min. You find this information as well as bus and tram line numbers also in the hotel pdf files.