Dr. Dmitri Rozgonjuk

Seit 01/2020 Postdoc in der Abteilung Molekulare Psychologie, Universität Ulm
2015-2019 PhD in Psychology, University of Tartu
2017-2018 Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher at Cyberpsychology Lab,
University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA
2013-2015 MA cum laude in Psychology, University of Tartu


BA in Psychology, University of Tartu

Praktika und berufliche Tätigkeiten

2019-… Senior Specialist for Education Studies, University of Tartu
12/2019 Analyst, Innove Foundation
2018-2019 Junior Research Fellow in Social Psychology, University of Tartu
2016-2019 Doctoral researcher, Center of IT Impact Studies, University of Tartu
2013-2017 Teaching Assistant, University of Tartu
2013-2016 Explainer, Science Centre AHHAA

Auszeichnungen und Preise

2018 3rd prize in national doctoral student research competition,
health studies category, Estonian Research Council
2017-2018 Research grant; University of Tartu ASTRA project PER
2017-2018 Travel grants, Doctoral School of Behavioural,
Social and Health Sciences, University of Tartu
2017 Fulbright Foreign Student Program Scholarship; The Fulbright Program, and Estonian Ministry of Education and
2017 Travel grant; Dora Plus Sub-Action 1.1 Short-Term Mobility
2012-2013 Scholarship for Academic Excellence


Dr. Dmitri Rozgonjuk
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

☎ 0731 50 26558
Π  1.57 Helmholtzstraße 8/1