Rebekka Kesberg

Rebekka Kesberg studied psychology at the University of Trier and University of Göttingen, as well as "Chinese as a Second Language" at Peking University. She is a lecturer at the Ulm University since 2015.





Rebekka Kesberg
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Rebekka Kesberg
☎ +49-(0)731/50 33152
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Consultation hours
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Research Interests

  • Relations between basic human values and everyday life behavior
  • Individual and cultural differences in situation perception
  • Ambulantory Assessment


Pfattheicher, S., Böhm, R., & Kesberg, R. (in press). The advantage of democratic peer punishment in sustaining cooperation within groups. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.

Keller, J. & Kesberg, R. (in press). Regulatory focus and human values. Psihologija, 50, 4-4.