Proseminar Softwaretechnik

In this proseminar we will focus on empirical research on well-established fundamentals and current topics in software engineering. In addition, you will learn the basics of scientific work, in particular how to conduct Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs). For this purpose, you will explore in a structured way the current state of the art on a specific topic and investigate to what extent empirical evidence exists. You will record your findings in a structured manner, evaluate them, and summarize them into an overview of the respective topic.

Goals of the Seminar

  • Investigate real-world research studies
  • Aggregation of the current state of the art
  • Learn more about data collection methods and the analysis as an important part of research

Research Methods

  • Systematic Literature Reviews (SLRs)
  • Scientific Writing

Classification in Study Programs

Studiengang FSPO(s) Einordnung
Informatik 2014, 2017 Proseminar
Medieninformatik 2014, 2017 Proseminar
Software Engineering 2014, 2017 Proseminar

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