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Vortrag von Prof. Kargl beim 16. SafeTRANS Industrial Day

Universität Ulm

Am 8. Mai 2014 findet der 16. SafeTRANS Industrial Day in Stuttgart statt. Hierbei hält Prof. Kargl einen Vortrag zum Thema "Privacy in Automotive Networks – How to balance security and privacy?"

Abstract des Vortrages:

New forms of automotive networks like C2X or communication for electric vehicles will inevitable require strong security mechanisms and typically rely on some forms of PKIs to authenticate keys of participants. However, such authentication often poses a threat to privacy of drivers as vehicles become trackable. Recent work has tried to strike a balance between security on the one hand and privacy protection on the other. Using strong privacy enhancing technologies, it becomes possible to authenticate attributes of participants while providing anonymity in normal operation. In case of abuse, identities can be revealed by trusted third parties. The talk will use two examples (C2X communication and the ISO 15118 electric vehicle charging protocol) to illustrate both the problem and possible solutions. Those use-cases can serve as templates to a broad variety of other scenarios that would likewise benefit from enhanced privacy protection.

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