JumpVR: Jump-Based Locomotion Augmentation for Virtual Reality

One of the great benefits of virtual reality (VR) is the implementation of features that go beyond realism. Common ``unrealistic'' locomotion techniques (like teleportation) can avoid spatial limitation of tracking, but minimize potential benefits of more realistic techniques (e.g. walking). As an alternative that combines realistic physical movement with hyper-realistic virtual outcome, we present JumpVR, a jump-based locomotion augmentation technique that virtually scales users' physical jumps. In a user study (N=28), we show that jumping in VR (regardless of scaling) can significantly increase presence, motivation and immersion compared to teleportation, while largely not increasing simulator sickness. Further, participants reported higher immersion and motivation for most scaled jumping variants than unscaled jumping. Our work shows the feasibility and benefits of jumping in VR and explores suitable parameters for its hyper-realistic scaling. We discuss design implications for VR experiences and games.


Dennis Wolf

Katja Rogers

Christoph Kunder

Enrico Rukzio


Wolf, Dennis; Rogers, Katja; Kunder, Christoph; Rukzio, Enrico

JumpVR: Jump-Based Locomotion Augmentation for Virtual Reality

In Proc. of CHI 2020 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems),