PD Dr. biol. hum. Dorothea Kesztyüs MPH, Dipl. Dok. (FH)

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Helmholtzstraße 20
89081 Ulm

Telefon 0731/50-31102
Fax       0731/50-31109


2013                   Doctor of Human Biology (Dr. biol. hum.)

2008 – 2010        Public Health, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

2000 – 2005        Medical Documentation and Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences Ulm

Work Experience

Since 2/2016      Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of General Medicine, Ulm University

Since 3/2016       Lecturer for Data Science in Medicine, University of Applied Sciences, Ulm

2010 – 2016        Researcher, Division of Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine, Ulm University

2013 – 2015        Junior Academy for Health Services Research, State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany      

2011 – 2013        Lecturer for Medical Documentation Assistance, Institute for Professional Training fakt.ori, Ulm

2005 – 2008        Assistant to the Rector’s Office, University of Applied Sciences Ulm