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The University is your first point of contact. We offer advice, help and support with inventions and start-up projects in close collaboration with our business partners.


  • Patents office

    This central university office was created to assess, file applications for and commercialise inventions, patents and utility models.

    Patents office 

  • Start-up consulting

    With this central offer we support start-ups from within the University (In German).

    Start-up consulting

  • Alliance for business start-ups at universities in Ulm (Gründerverbund)

    The Gründerverbund provides support offers that are tailored to the particular needs of high-tech start-ups.

    Gründerverbund Ulm - alliance for business start-ups at universities in Ulm (in German)

  • Start-up and innovation centre (TFU GmbH)

    This start-up and innovation centre for the region Ulm/Neu-Ulm provides premises and individually tailored support for start-ups.

    TFU GmbH (in German)

  • Technologie-Lizenz-Büro (TLB GmbH)

    The Technologie-Lizenz-Büro supports Ulm University with the assessment and commercialisation of inventions.

    TLB GmbH (in German)

Transfer networks

Transfer networks are a way for Ulm University to connect with partners in the region and join forces in developing opportunities to bring research results into application.

Transfer networks

  • BioRegionUlm

    This association facilitates the exchange between science and economy in the domain of biotechnology.

    BioRegionUlm (in German)

  • CNS - Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben e.V.

    The Cluster is funded by members of the utility and special purpose vehicles industry as well as suppliers, service providers and academia. It is a network for partnership, benchmarking and experience exchange and facilitates the development of new technologies and methods.

    CNS - Cluster Nutzfahrzeuge Schwaben e.V. (in German)

  • InnoSÜD

    In collaboration with partners from economy and society, the university alliance InnoSÜD combines the knowledge of academia and the expertise of business partners and society to develop new ideas and innovations.

    InnoSÜD (in German)

  • idw - Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (science information service)

    This news portal for science and research brings science and public together by providing a public platform for the news and events of its approx. 1,000 member institutions

    idw - science information service

Issue-specific collaborations

The University teams up with others to find solutions for specific societal or entrepreneurial issues and jointly bring them into application. Besides temporary projects, the University also engages in long-term cooperations that extend beyond defined questions.

The University engages in numerous other collaborations with partners from industry and science.

Our partners

Issue-specific collaborations

  • BIU - Boehringer Ingelheim Ulm University BioCenter

    BIU focuses on neuropsychiatric and cardiometabolic illnesses as well as lung diseases and immunomodulatory aspects. Its mission is to identify and characterise new biomarkers, analyse misdirected signal transduction pathways and establish innovative preclinical and clinical concepts in translational research.

    BIU - Boehringer Ingelheim Ulm University BioCenter

  • driveU - Daimler Research Institute at Ulm University

    The joint innovation centre of Daimler AG and Ulm University aims to intensify research and development in the domain of driver assistance systems, vehicle safety and autonomous driving. The methodical focus is on machine perception and environment representation.

    driveU - Daimler Research Institute for Vehicle Environment Perception at Ulm University

  • WMTech - Materials in microtechnology

    The competence centre optimises known materials by customising their characteristics. Besides microintegration, the work centres around reliability and life span of multifunctional components under thermal and mechanical strains.

    WMTech - Materials in microtechnology (in German)

  • DZNE -German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

    In collaboration with the DZNE we research various diseases of the brain with the objective to develop new preventative and therapeutic approaches. Basic research is closely linked with clinical research, population studies and health care research in order to identify new diagnostic markers and enable rapid development of new therapies.

    DZNE - German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases


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