Workshop Influence your supervisory process as a PhD student successfully!

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, this workshop will be offered as online coaching

Doctoral studies are characterized by highs and lows and the better you manage to participate in establishing a constructive supervisory process, the more motivated you will be to successfully complete your thesis.

The goal of the workshop is to reflect on your role as a doctoral student and to give you the tools you need to actively and constructively shape your doctoral studies.

You will reflect on mutual expectations and thus establish clarity on each person’s role. This clarity will allow you to employ the instruments at your disposal to establish a productive relationship with your supervisor.

Finally, during the workshop, you can prepare for difficult discussions with your supervisor. Especially when you wish to voice criticism or when you have problems with your supervisor, techniques for directing discussions can be helpful. You will also have the opportunity to consider changing any circumstances that are cumbersome to the relationship. We will develop possible solutions as a group and, where applicable, plan first steps for applying them.