Workshop: Being assertive - How to express your ideas, stand up for yourself, set boundaries, say ‘no’ and win the respect of others

Universität Ulm

2 days seminar (from 30.Nov.2018 to 01.Dec.2018 )

Often, it is not the people with the best ideas that get heard and see their suggestions implemented. Rather, it is those people who speak up load and promote their ideas aggressively. Did you ever make this experience? Were your suggestions ignored or disregarded? Do you often stand back in discussions because you do not want to appear disrespectful or affront somebody? Then this seminar is for you.

You will learn how to stand up for what is important to you – even if you meet resistance – while at the same time safeguarding a good relationship with your counterparts. In roleplays that are taken from your daily work experience as scientists you will train your assertiveness. You will improve your discussion skills, win the confidence to say ‘no’ when you mean ‘no’ and find ways to negotiate to get what you want.


Content of the workshop:

  •         How your inner attitude effects body language and voice – and vice versa
  •          See your own strengths and use them
  •         How to make your points powerfully in a discussion without coming across as pushy
  •         How to negotiate to win cooperation, commitment and gain control without being heavy-handed
  •          How to deal with objections and critique
  •         How to sharpen your repartee
  •         How to overcome speechlessness
  •          How to control your emotions
  •         How to deal with nervousness and stress

 Learning objectives:

  •          Improve your discussion skills
  •          Learn how to set boundaries and say ‘no’ without putting the relationship to your counterpart at risk
  •         Learn to negotiate to get what you want

 Learning outcomes:

After visiting the workshop you

  • will have gained confidence and be able to express your ideas assertively.
  • will be able to stand up for your interests in discussions.
  • will be able to set boundaries and say ‘no’.