Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 14, 2009

  • Lev Aizenberg and Elijah Liflyand
    Hausdorff operators on Hardy spaces in n, p. 1
  • Wolfgang Arendt and Shangquan Bu
    Fourier Series in Banach spaces and Maximal Regularity, p. 11
  • Markus Biegert
    The Relative Capacity, p. 25
  • Markus Biegert and Mahamadi Warma
    Some quasi-linear elliptic equations with inhomogeneous generalized Robin boundary conditions on “bad” domains, p. 43
  • Markus Biegert
    Lattice Homomorphisms between Sobolev Spaces, p. 65
  • Stefano Bonaccorsi
    Fractional stochastic evolution equations with Lévy noise, p. 85
  • Hamid Bounit, Abderrahim Driouich, and Omar El-Mennaoui
    A direct approach to the Weiss conjecture for analytic semigroups, p. 93
  • Dorin Bucur and Daniel Daners
    An alternative approach to the Faber-Krahn inequality for Robin problems, p. 101
  • Stefano Cardanobile and Delio Mugnolo
    Towards a gauge theory for evolution equations
    on vector-valued spaces, p. 111
  • Ondřej Došlý and Werner Kratz
    Oscillation and spectral theory for symplectic difference systems with separated boundary conditions, p. 119
  • Michael Einemann
    A generalization of dissipativity and invariant subsets of strongly continuous semigroups, p. 131
  • Tanja Eisner and Rainer Nagel
    Arithmetic progressions – an operator theoretic view, p. 149
  • Sebastian Endres and Frank Steiner
    The Berry-Keating operator on compact quantum graphs with general self-adjoint realizations, p. 159
  • Sebastian Endres and Frank Steiner
    A simple infinite quantum graph, p. 187
  • Valery I. Gromak
    On Higer-Order Nonlinear Differential Equations with the Painlevé Property, p. 201
  • Patrick Guidotti
    Some Anisotropic Diffusions, p. 215
  • Roman Šimon Hilscher
    A note on the time scale calculus of variations problems, p. 223
  • Markus Kunze
    Continuity and Equicontinuity of Transition Semigroups, p. 231
  • Elijah Liflyand, Ulrich Stadtmüller, and Ronald M. Trigub
    The Fourier integrals and Fourier series
    of functions of bounded variation, p. 245
  • Helmut Maier
    Brun’s Sieve, p. 257
  • Wolfgang Merkel, Sabine Wölk, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Ilya Sh. Averbukh, and Bertrand Girard
    Factorization of numbers with Gauss sums and laser pulses:
    I. Mathematical background, p. 265
  • Wolfgang Merkel, Sabine Wölk, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Ilya Sh. Averbukh, Bertrand Girard, and Gerhard G. Paulus
    Factorization of numbers with Gauss sums and laser pulses:
    II. Suggestions for implementations, p. 289
  • Delio Mugnolo and Robin Nittka
    Properties of Representations of Operators acting between Spaces of Vector-Valued Functions, p. 305
  • Robin Nittka
    On the Banach-Mazur Type for Normed Spaces, p. 317
  • Francesco Ragnedda, Stella Vernier-Piro, and Vincenzo Vespri
    Large time behaviour of solutions to a class of non-autonomous degenerate parabolic equations, p. 325
  • Iwona Wróbel
    On simultaneous rootfinding methods for singular values and orthogonal polynomials, p. 335
  • Petr Zemánek
    Discrete trigonometric and hyperbolic systems: An overview, p. 345