Abgeschlossene Promotionen

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Integrated semigroups,
Tübingen, 1986. Worldcat

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Integrated semigroups and differential operators on $L^p$,
Tübingen, 1989. Worldcat

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Admissible boundary conditions and differential operators,
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Theoremes de traces pour les semi-groupes holomorphes,
Besancon, 1992. Worldcat

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Generateur analytique et regularite maximale,
Besancon, 1995. Worldcat | .pdf

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Asymptotics of Models for Cell Populations,
Ulm, 1997. DNB

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Fourier transforms and asymptotics of evolution equations,
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Asymptotics, Regularity and Well-Posedness of First- and Second-Order Differential Equations on the Line,
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Non-Autonomous Forms and Gaussian Estimates,
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The Laplacian with General Robin Boundary Conditions,
Ulm, 2002. DNB

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The Functional Calculus for Sectorial Operators and Similarity Methods,
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Form Methods for autonomous and non-autonomous Cauchy Problems,
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ISBN 978-3-8325-0862-3,
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ISBN 978-3-8325-0982-8,
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Semigroup Methods in Finance,
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ISBN: 3-931289-92-3,
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Elliptic And Parabolic Problems With Robin Boundary Conditions On Lipschitz Domains,
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Universität Ulm und Université de Lorraine (Cotutelle de thèse) (France), 2012.

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Non-Autonomous Cauchy Problems Governed by Forms: Maximal Regularity and Invariance,
Ulm, 2014.

Jochen Glück:
Invariant Sets and Long Time Behaviour of Operator Semigroups,
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Stefan Kunkel:
Second order parabolic equations with non-local boundary conditions on L∞(Ω) and C(Ω̅): generation, regularity and asymptotics,
Ulm, 2017.