Lukas Niebel

Research interests

  • Kinetic maximal Lp-regularity with temporal weights and applications to quasilinear kinetic equations
  • Analytic aspects of kinetic equations, for example Harnack inequalities
  • Ricci curvature for graphs via convexity of the entropy

Publications and Preprints

  • L. Niebel, R. Zacher
    Kinetic maximal L²-Regularity for the (fractional) Kolmogorov equation (Preprint)
  • L. Niebel, R. Zacher
    Kinetic maximal Lp-regularity with temporal weights and application to quasilinear kinetic diffusion equations (Preprint)
  • L. Niebel
    Kinetic maximal Lpμ(Lp)-regularity for the fractional Kolmogorov equation with variable density (Preprint)



  • Winterschool on Analysis and Applied Mathematics, 22-26 February 2021, Münster, Germany (Download the poster here).

Office hours

By appointment.