The Institute is offering typically one semester each semester. The seminar matching is via the faculty-wide website. Further information will be announced via e-mails to seminar participants.



Seminar Asset Pricing - Bachelor (summer semesters)

The empirical "Seminar Asset Pricing - Bachelor" is for Bachelor students. Each student group of two / three students is assigned a specific topic that is changing from semester to semester. Practical tasks will concentrate on backtesting popular investment strategies using the backtesting environment of Quantopian.


Seminar Banking (winter semesters)
The literature seminar in banking is for Master students (including Master of Finance students). Each student group of two / three students is assigned one academic paper. Students are required to read related academic papers. The seminar thesis and its corresponding presentation need to summarize the paper and it should also discuss the paper's strengths and weaknesses. 

Seminar topics for the winter semester 2019/20 can be found HERE.