Seminar Asset Management


Prof. Dr. Andre Guettler


General description

The seminar "Asset Management" is only for Bachelor students. There will be a maximum number of participants. Students will form groups of two (or three in case of high demand). Students may provide grouping and topic preferences. Each group is assigned a topic (to be announced). Practical tasks will concentrate on backtesting popular investment strategies using the backtesting environment of Quantopian.



The seminar language (seminar thesis, presentation, and discussion) is English. If we a have a group consisting of German speaking students only, the presentations can also be given in German (TBD).



- 50 %: seminar thesis (please follow the  guidelines provided by the Institute of Finance, 15 to 20 pages for groups of two students; longer for groups of three / shorter for single students)

- 50 %: presentation (30 minutes)

- Grading of these two components is per group. Both components need to be passed, i.e., a fail grade in (at least) one of the two components will trigger a fail grade for the seminar overall. The presentations need to be send by e-mail to the instructor the day before the presentation.



Please register at between Mon. 29.01.2018 and Sat. 03.02.2018.