Research in Finance


Prof. Dr. Andre Guettler



This course is designed to prepare Master students for their empirical Master thesis. Both Finance institutes, the one run by Professor Löffler and ours, highly encourage students to take this prep course if they aim to write their thesis at these institutes!

The course comprises two parts:

The first is a hands-on introduction on how to use Stata, the most common statistical program in Financial Economics. Students will learn how to manage data, how to visualize and clean data, and how to run and interpret cross sectional and panel regressions. Students are required to solve several empirical problems on their own.

The second part consists of active and mandatory participation in the Finance group’s research seminar for doctoral students and short-term visitors, the biweekly Brown bag seminar. Students are required to provide one short review (2-3 pages) of one of the research presentations. The review should be written as an academic referee report and should thus concentrate on the contribution to the literature and a judgment of the empirical strategy.



Session 1:  Introduction to Stata

Session 2:  Merging datasets

Session 3:  Interpretation of dummy variables

Session 4:  How to write a review report (lecture)

Session 5:  Panel data estimations

Session 6: Robust standard errors

Session 7:  Looping and other things


Course Schedule 

Wednesdays: 10 - 12 am, He18/E20


Literature Suggestions