Seminar Banking

(Literature Seminar)

Seminar in Empirical Banking



Prof. Dr. Andre Guettler


General description

The seminar in empirical banking is for Master students (including Master of Finance students). Students will form groups of two (or three). Students may provide grouping and paper preferences but there are no guarantees. Each group is assigned one paper (see below). Students are required to read related academic papers. The seminar thesis and its corresponding presentation need to summarize the paper and it should also discuss the paper’s strengths and weaknesses. For the latter, refer to these general guidelines for referee reports to scrutinize academic papers (even though you do not need to make any accept / reject recommendations!). The presentations will take place on one day towards the end of the winter semester (see dates below).



The seminar language (seminar thesis, presentation, discussion etc.) is English.


Grading (per group)

- 50%: seminar thesis 

- 50%: presentation



The date of registration for the seminar is July 06 (the uniform dates for seminar registration across all institutes). Please come to the Institute at 6 pm and provide your topic and group preferences in person. Note that you can register yourself and ONE further student. If you are not able to come in person, please either ask a fellow student to register sou as well (see previous sentence). If you do not know such a student, you can also send an email to Patrick Launhardt with three topic preferences until 6 pm on July 06. Note that we first assign those students to topics that appear in person. 

By the end of September (30th September), we require all students to formally register with the student secretary ("Hochschulportal"). Otherwise, you cannot participate in this seminar. If everyone has registered the group assignments will remain as already set; otherwise we are going to adjust accordingly.



Everyone interested in pursuing a topic will find the underlying paper in the links provided below:

(1): When Credit Dries Up: Job Losses in the Great Recession

(2): Got Rejected? Real Effects of Not Getting a Loan

(3): The Unemployment Effects of Credit Market Disruptions: Firm-Level Evidence from the 2008-9 Financial Crisis

(4): Investment and Capital Constraints Repatriations Under the American Job Creation Act

(5): Dissecting the Effect of Credit Supply on Trade: Evidence from Matched Credit-Export Data

(6): Financial Constraints, Employment, and Labor Compensation: Evidence from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

(7): Can Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence from France



10th of November: Every group has to present (max 30 minutes) the status quo/interm. results of their work. In this regard it is expected that each group has obtained specific results already, i.e. presenting an outline is not sufficient. If you like, we can provide a beamer.

21st of December: Hand in your thesis (2 copies) at Ms. Lesle's office no later than 12 a.m. (noon). Further, send a PDF of your thesis to Andre.Guettler(at) and Patrick.Launhardt(at)

Presentation of theses rescheduled to the 25th of January.
Time & Location: 12-4 p.m.; N24/227


Formal requirements of theses

  • No less than 15 pages, and max 20 pages
  • Font: Arial
  • Font Size: 12
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: Top&Bottom - 2cm; Left&Right: 2.5cm