Risk Theory II


Dr. Stefan Schelling


Dr. Frank Bosserhoff



Important News

  • The lecture and exercises are in English.
  • All further information on the lecture and all documents will be uploaded to moodle.


4 hours lecture + 2 hours exercises


Introduction to Probability Theory, Analysis I-II, Linear Algebra I-II.
Risk Theory I is strongly recommended.

Intended audience

Master students in Mathematics, Master students in Business Mathematics and Master students in Finance

Key subjects

This course provides an introduction to the mathematical models of (non-life) insurance with emphasis on

  • Individual and collective model and their applications
  • Ruin probabilities
  • Stochastic ordering
  • Premium calculation
  • Credibility theory
  • Claim reserving
  • Reinsurance
  • Bonus-Malus system/Markov-Chains
  • Risk measures

    Further information

    The DAV-certificate can be obtained in the first final exam at the end of the semester only. DAV-certificates will not be awarded for passing the second exam!



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