Life-, Health- and Pension-Mathematics (PVM) (Zwiesler)



Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Zwiesler


Manuel Rach


Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm, H14

Thursdays, 2 - 6 pm, H14

First lecture: October 15, 2019


First Exam: tba

Second Exam: tba


Further information on exam:

  • The exam will be carried out in written form.
  • The exam will be open, i.e. you can also take the second without taking the first exam.
  • Authorized auxiliaries: Pens, ruler and a non-programmable and non-graphic calculator.


Lectures and exercises will be held in English. 


Additional material will be provided via Moodle.

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Course Information, etc

You are responsible for all material covered and announcements made in class, whether or not you attend class.

It is highly recommended to check the information available on Moodle regularly.


The introductory course deals with the mathematical fundamentals of life-, health- and pension-insurance. It covers basic probabilistic models  for the computation of future lifetimes and life-tables, actuarial present values, expected payoffs and safety margins.
With a focus on the German market, the course discusses:

  • the calculation of premiums (principle of equivalence) for immediate and deferred life annuities, pure endowment, life insurance, health insurance and corporate pension schemes
  • the calculation of actuarial reserves
  • the distribution of surpluses.

DAV Exam

This lecture covers materials which are necessary for students who wish to achieve the certificate of the German actuarial society (Deutsche Aktuar Vereinigung DAV) in "Versicherungsmathematik".

The requirements for receiving the certificate are passing this course and "Risk Theory 2", which will be offered in the next semester.

This certificate is a basic requirement for becoming an actuary in Germany.


The lecture is oriented at students enrolled in Wirtschaftsmathematik, Wirtschaftswissenschaften and Finance.
Prerequisites are:

  • „Elementare Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und Statistik“  (WiMa) or „Stochastik und Wirtschaftsstatistik“ (WiWi) (or comparable knowledge of probability theory)
  • „Externes Rechnungswesen“ (or comparable knowledge of  accounting)


Life-, Health- and Pension-Mathematics:

  • Führer, C., Grimmer, A.: Einführung in die Lebensversicherungsmathematik, 2010, HG 8781/2010 F
  • Neuburger, E.: Mathematik und Technik betrieblicher Pensionszusagen, 1997, HG 8781/1997 N
  • Neuburger, E.: Formeln der Pensionsversicherungsmathematik

Health Insurance Mathematics:

  • Milbrodt, H.: Aktuarielle Methoden der deutschen Privaten Krankenversicherung, 2005, HG 8781/2005 Mb
  • Bohn, K.: Die Mathematik der deutschen privaten Krankenversicherung, 1980, HG 8781/A1.11