Special Aspects of Insurance Mathematics


Prof. Dr. Jochen Ruß 


2/0 SWS (4 ECTS)

Seminar date

This seminar takes place as a block seminar. The attendance at all seminar dates is required. The date will be decided at the beginning of the winter semester.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please contact Hajo Zwiesler (hans-joachim.zwiesler@uni-ulm.de)


If you are interested, simply contact Hajo Zwiesler (hans-joachim.zwiesler@uni-ulm.de) with the following information:

  • name
  • subject of study, number of semesters
  • current overview of grades
  • Which lectures have you already heard in Actuarial Science, Financial Mathematics and Finance (including the current semester)?


The seminar will be based on scientific papers that summarize recent results in this area. Papers will deal with (but not be restricted to) topics of the area of stochastic mortality modelling and innovative live insurance products. Papers will be announced in due course.

Possible papers

The participants of  the seminar will receive current research papers which will then be presented in the seminar

Target Group

The seminar is suitable for Master students in Wirtschaftsmathematik, Wirtschaftswissenschaften or Finance. Previous knowledge in Personenversicherungsmathematik, Insurance Economics and Finanzmathematik 1 are helpful.

Seminar Performance

Based on her/his performance in the seminar, every participant will be credited with a (internal) grade. The criteria will be announced at the beginning of the winter semester.