Special Aspects of Life Insurance




2/0 SWS (4 ECTS)


This seminar takes place as a block seminar. The attendance at all seminar dates is required.

Further Information

All further organizational details will be discussed at a later first meeting.

In case of any questions please contact


If you are interested, simply contact Hajo Zwiesler (hans-joachim.zwiesler(at)uni-ulm.de) as soon as possible with the following information:

  • Name
  • Course of Studies, Semester
  • current transcript
  • list of actuarial courses taken in this summer semester


The seminar will cover recent innovations in life insurance – in particular concerning modern life insurance products and how they can be modeled.
Participants of the seminar will receive current research papers which will then be presented in the seminar.


Jochen Ruß is a leading academic expert in this area. He works at the Institut für Finanz- und Aktuarwissenschaften (ifa) and combines scientific work with practical life insurance expertise.

Target Group

The seminar is suitable for Master students in Mathematik, Wirtschaftsmathematik, Wirtschaftswissenschaften or Finance. The course Life, Health, and Pension Mathematics is required (knowledge from Insurance Economics and Financial Mathematics I is helpful, but not required).

Seminar Performance

The seminar performance consists of three parts:

  • A seminar presentation about a selected topic with a presentation of the results and the moderation of the following discussion. Duration of the presentation: 60-90 minutes (including discussion).
  • A written formulation of the presentation documents. Delivery of the presentation documents: at least one week before the presentation.
  • Active participation in this seminar.

Based on the performance, every participant will be credited with a grade.