Seminar Elliptic Curves


An elliptic curve is a geometric object which carries a group structure. Elliptic curves arise in many areas of mathematics and can be studied using tools from algebra, complex analysis or topology. The seminar introduces basic aspects of elliptic curves. Later talks will discuss applications of elliptic curves to complex analysis, number theory, and cryptography.


The minimal prerequisite is the course Elemente der Algebra. However, the seminar is mainly aimed at students who wish to specialize in Algebra/Number Theory and who have visited one of the courses

  • Diophantine equations
  • Algebra
  • Algebraic number theory

from last semester.

The seminar is a good companion to the course Algebraische Geometrie given by Prof. Sijsling.

Target group

Bachelor / Master (Wahlpflicht)


at most 12


weekly talks


The literature will be in english. Talks are preferably given in english as well.


Send an email to Martin Djukanovich. Please mention your study program, semester and matriculation number. Please also sign up for the Moodle page of the seminar.