26.01.2016 - Talk of M.Sc. Andreas Bender, LMU München

Ulm University

"Modelling Exposure-Lag-Response Associations with Penalized Piece-wise Exponential Models"

ORT: Helmholtzstraße 22, Raum 1.42

ZEIT: 16:15 Uhr


Critically ill patients admitted to the intensive care unit often undergo mechanical ventilation and the need for artificial feeding is generally recognized. The optimal amount of the nutrition supplied on the other hand is unclear to the extent of differing guidelines in Europe and North America.

In this talk we propose a novel approach for the flexible modeling of exposure-lag-response associations, i.e., time-to-event data where multiple past exposures are cumulatively associated with the hazard after a certain temporal delay. Our method is based on piece-wise exponential models and allows estimation of a wide variety of effects, including potentially smooth and time-varying effects as well as cumulative effects with leads and lags, taking advantage of the advanced inference methods that have recently been developed for generalized additive mixed models.