Fascia Research Summer School 2016

Contents of this week long interdisciplinary research course will include

  • hands-on fascia explorations on human cadavers
  • animal tissue dissections
  • exploration of fasciae in living human bodies with high resolution ultrasound
  • clinical examination and palpation
  • scientific lectures by world renowned fascia researchers
  • tips and resources for designing research studies
  • how to publish in peer reviewed journals
  • dissection demonstrations in the award-winning 'Theatrum Anatomicum' lively discussions, networking, inspiration for future collaborations, and much more.

The aim of this workshop is to train clinicians in basic principles of fascia directed research. Participants will include physiotherapists, bodyworkers, medical doctors, sports coaches, movement instructors, etc. with a keen interest in gaining knowledge and getting first hand exposure to the rapidly growing field of fascia research.

  • Fascia Research Summer School 2016 »Anatomy, biomechanics, research methods and clinical assessment of human connective tissues«
  • »A one-week intensive course for researchers and therapists of the human fascia system«
  • in Leipzig, Germany
  • September 4tht - September 9th - ,  2016