1 PhD-student-position on “Clinical proteomics”

Approximate duration in years: 3 years
Salary scale:  TV-L  E13 65% (PhD student)
Starting date: Earliest possible                                    
Name of the PI: Prof. Dr. Markus Otto, Project C01
Application deadline: 13.08.2017
Applications should consist of: CV, Letter of intent and Certificates
Applications should be addressed to: Prof. Dr. Markus Otto
and should be sent to:
Prof. Dr. Markus Otto,
Department of Neurology,
Oberer Eselsberg 45,
89081 Ulm or by email to markus.otto(at)uni-ulm.de

Description of the project:

The major focus will be an the analysis of biological samples with different proteomic
approaches (Orbitrap, Absciex6500) mapping of the peptidome in inflammatory neurological

Relevant publications:

Lehnert, S. et al. (2012). Exp Neurol 234(2): 499-505.
Oeckl, et al. (2016).  Mol Cell Proteomics 15(10): 3126-3138.
Oeckl, et al. (2014). " J Proteome Res 13(11): 4518-4525.