Detailed Program

Monday, May 13

09:45Registration & Coffee

10:30Welcome Address

 Session I:  Orthodontics & Orthopedics
Chair: Bernd Lapatki, Tim Wehner
10:40Centre of Resistance of Constructed Tooth Models of Various Morphologies
M.E. Geiger, F. Schmidt, B.G. Lapatki
Martin Geiger
11:00A New Bone Implant Concept: AMPLIFIX - First Numerical Results of Dynamic Osseointegration Simulation
L. Engelhardt, F. Niemeyer, F. Heuer, F. Trautwein, U. Simon
Lucas Engelhardt
11:20Optimization of Bone Scaffold Structures to Match the Elastic Properties of Human Cortical Bone – a Numerical Approach
A. Wolf, J. Wieding, R. Bader

Jan Wieding

11:40Determining Tissue Material Properties in Fracture Calluses using ESPI and FEA
M. Steiner, L. Claes, A. Ignatius, U. Simon, T. Wehner
Malte Steiner
12:00 METAmorph: An Application-Agnostic Simulation Framework and its Application to Bone Healing
F. Niemeyer, L. Claes, U. Simon
Frank Niemeyer


Special Session II:  Musculoskeletal Systems
Chair: John Rasmussen, Ulrich Simon
13:30Keynote: Musculoskeletal Modeling as a Design Tool
J. Rasmussen
John Rasmussen
14:20Use of OpenSim and AnyBody Modelling Software for Dynamic Simulation of the Human Masticatory System
M. Cadova
Michala Cadova
14:40Wrist Protectors in Snowboarding – Combined MBS and FEM Simulation to Analyze the Wrist Loading
K. Rauner, L. Karstensen, S. Lehner, F. Michel, V. Senner
Kilian Rauner
15:00A Finite Element Updating Method for In-Vivo Identification of Elastic Properties of the Human Aortic Wall Based on Full Field Displacement Measurement by 3D Ultrasound Speckle Tracking
A. Wittek, K. Karatolios, R. Moosdorf, S. Vogt, C. Blase
Andreas Wittek
Frankfurt a.M.

15:30Coffee Break

Special Session III:  Muscle and Soft Tissues
Chair: Oliver Röhrle, Martin Geiger
16:00Keynote: Multi-Scale Skeletal Muscle Modeling
O. Röhrle, T. Heidlauf, M. Sprenger, E. Ramasamy
Oliver Röhrle
16:50A First Attempt to Model Contraction in a Straited Muscle by a Constitutive Model with Data from an In-Vivo Experiment
G. Benderoth, C. Clemen, I. Kernhof, G. Silber
Günther Benderoth
Frankfurt a.M.
17:10Skeletal Muscle Contraction – Experiment and Theory
M. Sturmat, C. Weichert, K. Leichsenring, T. Siebert, R. Blickhan, M. Böl
Maike Sturmat
17:30 Determination of Viscoelastic Properties of Meniscal Tissue Using both Experiment and Simulation
A.M. Seitz, F. Galbusera, C. Krais, A. Ignatius, L. Dürselen
Andreas Seitz

19:00Guided city tour (in English)
20:00Dinner at traditional swabian restaurant "Drei Kannen" (

Tuesday, May 14

Session IV:  Spine
Chair: Fabio Galbusera, Frank Niemeyer
09:00Inverse Prediction of Transport Properties of the Intervertebral Disc
F. Galbusera, M. Tibiletti, M. Brayda-Bruno, C. Neidlinger-Wilke, H.-J. Wilke
Fabio Galbusera
09:20Numerical Analysis to Investigate the Value of Standards for Preclinical Evaluation of Posterior Spinal Implants
L. La Barbera, T. Villa, F. Galbusera
Luigi La Barbera
09:40The Proposition of a Numerical Model of the Experimental Set-up for Testing Bone-Screw Interface with Use of the Foam Vertebra Model
B. Nowak
Bartosz Nowak
10:00InstantSpine: An Open Source Spine Model Generator
F. Niemeyer, H. Schmidt, A. Ignatius, H.-J. Wilke
Frank Niemeyer

10:30Coffee Break

Session V:  Computing & Fluid & Industrial
Chair: Martin Geiger, Jürgen Salk
11:00Optimal Control in Implant Shape Design
L. Lubkoll, A. Schiela, M. Weiser, S. Zachow
Lars Lubkoll
11:20Uncertainty Quantification Using Stochastic Collocation
Method and Application in a Model of Mineralized Turkey Leg Tendon
A. Gerisch, B. Schieche, S. Tiburtius, K. Raum, J. Lang
Alf Gerisch
11:40CFD Approach to Bile Flow Problems Solution
A.G. Kuchumov, Y.I. Nyashin, V.A. Samartsev
Alex Kuchumov
12:00Patient-Specific Simulation: Bridging the Gap between Research and Clinical Application
A. Nolte
Alexander Nolte
CADFEM, Grafing
12:20Image Based Modelling for Realistic Simulation in Biomechanics
R. Bryan
Rebecca Bryan
Simpleware, Exeter


13:45Session VI:  Round Table Discussion
Experts:  John Rasmussen, Oliver Röhrle, Jan Wieding, Alexander Nolte
Chair: Ulrich Simon

15:15CBU Best Paper Award &
Coffee Break & Farewell


Wednesday morning, May 15 (FEM Course)

Introductory Course: Computational Biomechanics .  Also announced as precourse to DGfB meeting.  Half-day beginners course. Language: German.  Introduction to Ansys and AnyBody. Limited number of participants.

Wednesday till Friday, May 15-17 (DGfB Congress)

Associated Meeting of the German Society of Biomechanics (DGfB), Neu-Ulm. Will start after the introductory course at 2:00 pm.



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