Coaching and Advice

The coordination office of ProTrainU will help you with most general questions about your doctoral studies or further steps in your scientific/academic career. Nevertheless, there are some fields of expertise where you have specific contact persons:

  • For questions regarding the academic requirements and formalities specific to your subject you should contact the doctoral studies office of your faculty Promotionsekretariat:
  • In cases of conflict, doctoral students can make use of the institutionalised conflict management in two steps: First, please contact the ProTrainU coordination office for confidential advice and mediation. Secondly, we will establish the contact to the ombudsperson for doctoral candidates (Vertrauensperson) in your faculty (if necessary). You are also free to contact the Vertrauensperson directly. Currently Prof. Dr. Michael Kühl acts as Vertrauensperson.
  • As applying for funding is an essential task for every scientist in order to finance your research, Ulm University has established a structure to support members of the University when preparing proposals for external funding within the Center for Research Strategy and Support (Res.UL). If you have questions in regard to an individual proposal you can contact Res.Ul.
  • Technology transfer: In case you want to cooperate with companies or other associations in order to promote your work or bring your work to the market, Ulm University offers supporting structures. Your enquiries will be kept confidential. You can find more information about technology transfer here:


Coaching Offers