Curricula M. Sc. "Advanced Materials"

We are currently able to offer only one specialization area in the  Master of Science programme "Advanced Materials": "Nanomaterials"

Curriculum (PO 2017):
• During 1. semester all students will get an identical strong training in mathematics, natural sciences and materials sciences.
• Strengthened practical training (lab courses) during 2. and 3. semester allow students to get familiar with independent lab work early and to improve students' orientation with respect to research done at Ulm University institutes when deciding on a master´s thesis project for 4. semester.

 PO = Prüfungsordnung = Study and Examination Regulations for "Advanced Materials"


The timetable for the current semester is available at the Physics Department website:



Prof. Dr. Kay-Eberhard Gottschalk
Institute for Experimental Physics

Chairman Examination Board AM
Consultation on request.
Please contact Mrs. Stadter.

Sibel Looser
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