Research interests

  • Anthropogen conditioned spreading of freshwater organisms (especially gammarids)
  • Life history characteristics of freshwater gammarids
  • General biology and ecology of freshwater organisms



Scientific projects

The invasion of ecosystems by non-indigenous species are commonplace in nature. However, the extent of this invasion has increased dramatically in the last decades (e.g. Kinzelbach 1995, Tittizer 1996, Ricciardi et al. 2000). Presently at least 15 % of the macrozoobenthon in german rivers are non-indigenous species (Tittizer 2000). In some parts of Central European rivers invasive gammarids from the mediterranean and the ponto-caspian region have become dominant while native gammarids declined or even disappeared. Investigations on the life history characteristics of invasive freshwater gammarids, like e.g. Dikerogammarus villosus and Echinogammarus ischnus shall give answers to the central question of my PhD: "What are the reasons for the fast spreading of invasive freshwater gammarids in Central European rivers?"


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