PhD Candidates




Brandt, K.
Pollination Ecology and Chemical Ecology in Neotropical Orchids, Floral Scents, Animal- Plant Interactions, Electrophysiology in Insect Olfaction, Evolutionary Ecology


Cuervo, M.
Pollination ecology of orchids, Floral scents, Sexual deception and floral isolation mechanisms, Chemical ecology in Neotropical plants, Animal-Plant Interactions, Network ecology 


Höfer, R.
Chemical Ecology, Functionail traits, Climate change, Plant-pollinator interactions


Neumüller, U.
Wild bee Ecology, Community assembly processes, Land use impacts on biodiversity, Agroecology 


Steitz, I.
Chemical communication, Social evolution, Behavioral Ecology, Social polymorphism


Straub, F.
Chemical ecology, Bee health, Land-use effects on wild bees,Pollination 


Weithmann, S.
Forensic Entomology / Chemoecology, Microbiome of decomposing piglet cadavers, Cadaver odor, chemical attraction of necrophilous flies and beetles to vertebrate carrion, decomposition processes