Academic staff

Conrad, Dr. T.
Solitary bees, acoustics in insects, isolation mechanisms, population genetics, chemical ecology, mating behaviour in bees 

v. Hoermann, C.
Olfactory attraction of necrophagous and necrophilous beetles, Forensic Entomology / Chemoecology, Cadaver odour (Volatile organic cadaveric odour compounds), Beetles on cadavers and their application in medico-legal investigations

Kuppler, J.
Biotic interactions, functional traits, intraspecific variation, biodiversity, community ecology, global change, chemical ecology, flowers

Nevo, Dr. O.
Animal-plant interactions, seed dispersal, primate sensory ecology, olfaction, plant VOCs

Jung, Dr. K.
Biodiversity Exploratories, Behavioural ecology, Sensory ecology, Tropical biology, Influence of urbanization on species composition and activity patterns, Conservation, Bats

Steiger, PD Dr. S.
Behavioural Ecology, Chemical Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Chemical communication, Sexual selection, Evolution of parental and biparental care, Life-history theory, Social insects