Heterogeneous Catalysis


  • Understanding of the microscopic, molecular scale reaction mechanism of selected catalytic reactions, focusing on reactions relevant for the processing of feed gases for low-temperature fuel cells, on the basis of model studies on realistic catalysts under defined reaction conditions, applying kinetic measurements and ex-situ as well as in-situ spectroscopic characterization techniques. This aim is pursued in close cooperation with similar studies on planar model systems (see 'model catalysts' group) and nanostructured (bi-)metal surfaces (see 'nanostructure metals' group) and with theoretical studies.
  • Determination of kinetic reaction parameters under well-defined reaction conditions (differential reaction conditions) as basis for kinetic reaction modeling.
  • Understanding of correlations between fuel cell relevant catalytic processes under gas phase conditions (Heterogeneous Catalysis) and under electrochemical conditions (Electrocatalysis); comparison between gas phase fuel processing and competing electrocatalytic strategies in low temperature fuel cells, and evaluation.