Benchmark for Synthesized Diamond Sensors Based on Isotopically Engineered Nitrogen‐Vacancy Spin Ensembles for Magnetometry Applications

Universität Ulm

Christian Osterkamp, Priyadharshini Balasubramanian, Gerhard Wolff G, Tokuyuki Teraji, Milos Nesladek and Fedor Jelezko

Advanced Quantum Technologies 2000074 (2020)

Figure CVC growth
Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center ensembles are a promising platform for quantum sensing applications. Controlling the nitrogen content in nanometer-scale diamond layers and analyzing the ratio between the sensor (NVs) and noise bath spins (P1 centers) by employing the NV center's sensing capabilities, enables the benchmarking and tuning of several production approaches to identify superior growth and sensor fabrication strategies.