All-diamond photonic and phononic platforms

Diamond offers unique capabilities for applications in quantum information processing including long-lived, spin-based memory registers and spin-photon interfaces. The efficiency of the spin-photon interfaces is a most crucial parameter for scalable applications like diamond-based quantum repeaters or quantum networks. We are aiming to develop highly-efficient spin-photon interfaces by employing all-diamond photonic and phononic platforms. By structuring diamond on the micro- and nanoscale we can affect the optical properties, for example, by Purcell-enhanced photon emission of single color center in optical resonators. Furthermore, the coherence properties can be improved by tailoring nanostructuring towards a desired phonon density of states and a desired electron-phonon interaction.

Selected references:
B. J. M. Hausmann, et al., “Integrated Diamond Networks for Quantum Nanophotonics”. Nano Letters 12, 1578-1582 (2012)