Matthias Kost

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Email: matthias.kost[at]
Tel: +49-731-50-22908
Room O25/414
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm, Germany

My Research Interests

I am interested in the development and improvement of various measurement and sensing protocols related to defect centers in diamond, especially the NV center. In that context, I explore the application of such techniques in biological and medical applications. I extend my capabilities by various related numerical simulation techniques as well as by basics on image manipulation, matrix completion and compressed sensing.

My Publications

Resolving single molecule structures with Nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
M. Kost, J.M. Cai and M.B. Plenio
Scientific Reports 5, 11007 (2015)

2D magnetic resonance spectroscopy of single spins using matrix completion
J. Scheuer, A. Stark, M. Kost, M.B. Plenio, B. Naydenov and F. Jelezko
Scientific Reports 5, 17728 (2015)

Most Recent Papers

Efficient Information Retrieval for Sensing via Continuous MeasurementPhys. Rev. X 13, 031012arXiv:2209.08777

Active hyperpolarization of the nuclear spin lattice: Application to hexagonal boron nitride color centers, Phys. Rev. B 107, 214307, arXiv:2010.03334

Driving force and nonequilibrium vibronic dynamics in charge separation of strongly bound electron–hole pairsCommun Phys 6, 65 (2023)arXiv:2205.06623

Asymptotic State Transformations of Continuous Variable ResourcesCommun. Math. Phys. 398, 291–351 (2023)arXiv:2010.00044

Spin-Dependent Momentum Conservation of Electron-Phonon Scattering in Chirality-Induced Spin SelectivityJ. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2023, 14, XXX, 340–346arXiv:2209.05323


Ulm University
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D - 89069 Ulm

Tel: +49 731 50 22911
Fax: +49 731 50 22924

Office: Building M26, room 4117

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