Laboratory of Thermal Process Engineering


The Laboratory of Thermal Process Engineering was established in November 2017 as a part of the Institute of Chemical Engineering and deals with questions related to new thermal separation processes. Multiple dividing wall columns, rotating separation devices and additive manufacturing are currently the main topics of our research. Within our research approach theoretical and experimental methods are contributing equally to reach our goal of deepened process understanding. The research interests of our group are triggered by the megatrends energy efficiency, modularization and flexibilization of chemical production processes. In this context we are attempting to close the gap between fundamental and application oriented research, keeping an eye on industrial relevance.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grützner

Group Members


Head of Group

Name Contact
Grützner, Thomas Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Room: 47.2.225

Mail: thomas.gruetzner(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25702


Scientific Co-Workers (PhD Students)

Name Contact
Ahmed, Adel Mohamed M.Sc.

Room: 47.0.103

Mail: mohamed.adel(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25445

Hamamah, Zaid M.Sc.

Room: 47.0.103

Mail: zaid.hamamah(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25445

Kügele, Simon M.Sc. (external TH Ulm)

Room: W3.401

Mail: simon.kuegele(at)

Phone: 0731 50-28304

Mathlouthi, Gino M.Eng. (external TH Ulm)

Room: W3.401

Mail: gino.mathlouthi(at)

Phone: 0731 50-16716

Neukäufer, Johannes, M.Sc.

Room: 47.0.104

Mail: johannes.neukaeufer(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25715

Preißinger, Ulrich M.Eng.

Room: 47.0.103

Mail: ulrich.preissinger(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25445

Ränger, Lena-Marie M.Sc.

Room: 47.0.104

Mail: lena.raenger(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25715

Trescher, Lea M.Sc.

Room: 47.0.105

Mail: lea.trescher(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25719

Technical Support

Name Contact
Järvinen, Olavi M.Eng.

Room: O25/634

Mail: olavi.jaervinen(at)

Phone: 0731 50-25704

Student Staff

  • Alexandros Manos B.Sc.
  • Dennis Stucke B.Sc.
  • Fatmaalzahraa Elsayed B.Sc.
  • Melanie Fischer B.Sc.
  • Ramona Gössele
  • Verena Steck B.Sc.
  • Yannick Waibel B.Sc.


  • Prof. Dr. Igor Dejanovic, University of Zagreb (Sept. / Oct. 2019)
  • M.Sc. Goran Lukac, University of Zagreb (Sept. / Oct. 2019)


  • Bilal Ahmad M.Sc., now with "BWT Pharma & Biotech"

Topic for a M.Sc. Thesis

We are looking for a student for a master thesis in the field of process optimization with immediate effect. In a joint project with the Technical University of Hamburg, various optimization strategies for thermal separation processes are to be comparatively investigated.

Contact: M.Sc. Lena Ränger, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grützner

We are always offering a wide variety of topics for your Bachelor- and Master-Thesis or for research internships. No matter if you want to focus your work on more experimental or more theoratical questions - do not hesitate to approach us.

Currently we offer theses from the following topics:

  • Liquid / Solid interfacial interactions
    Static and dynamic contact angle measurements on 3D printed surfaces
  • Additive manufacturing
    CFD simulation studies, development of a lab unit for measuring separation efficiencies, equipment design, experimental investigation of maldistribution
  • Multiple Dividing Wall column
    Simulations studies for steady-state operation points, development of dynamic models, design of a pilot-scale unit, investigation of control structures, pareto-optimization

We are located at "Uni West"

Albert-Einstein-Allee 47, 89081 Ulm, Germany, Building 47, Room 47.2.225