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We always offer highly attractive topics within our current research projects, which are available for Bachelor or Master thesis, as well as for Research Internships. The methodological focus ranges from synthesis of solid catalysts, via the operation of apparatuses for chemical reactions as far as modeling and simulation of multiphase equipment. If you are interested in working with us on a highly relevant research topic, please do not hestitate to contact the respective responsible person listed below!

Note that Bachelor thesis are usually in German, despite the topics below are provided in English.

Legend for type: Ba - Bachelor thesis, Ma - Master thesis, Ri - Research internship, Exp - Experimental, MoSi - Modeling & Simulation, Con - Constructive or Conceptional

Topic and short description and related project Start Supervisor Type
Methane is considered one of the promising propellants for returning Mars missions to earth, since it can be produced in situ at Mars. The work aims for designing a methanation reactor under Mars conditions with Aspen Plus. any date Robert Güttel BaRiMa, MoSi
One important component of hybrid rockets is the chamber for H2O2 decomposition in order to subsequently oxidize the solid propellant. Based on simulation the work aims at the design of the respective chemical reactor. any date Robert Güttel BaRiMa, MoSi
Modeling and simulation of different aspects for the ammonia synthesis. The simulation work may either focus on a steady-state tubular reactor model or on the modeling of the ammonia adsorption in a dynamic CSTR. any date Theresa Kunz RiMa, MoSi
Synthesis and characterization of different ruthenium catalysts including a comparison of synthesis routes; possibly including a test of the catalysts in the methanization reaction or ammonia decomposition. any date Theresa Kunz BaRi, Exp
Efficient calculation of simultaneous reaction equilibria in reactor simulation by artificial intelligence methods. any date Theresa Kunz, Jens Friedland RiMa, MoSiCon
Measurement of sorption characteristics upon irradiation with light of titania supported catalysts based on Fe, Ni or Co. any date Henning Becker Ba, Exp
Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of catalyst layers for the photo-assisted CO2 hydrogenation. any date Henning Becker RiMa, MoSi
Experimental investigation of the temperature distribution within photoactive methanation catalysts. any date Henning Becker BaMa, Exp
Implementation and evaluation of an integral methanation reactor in dynamic photo-assisted operation. any date Henning Becker RiMa, MoSi
Investigation to identify and evaluate processes with large time constants in periodic limit cycles. from 01/22 Max Gäßler, Jens Friedland BaRo, MoSi
Investigation of the adsorption-/desorption behaviour of Ni@SiO2 Core-Shell catalysts in comparison with impregnated Ni/SiO2 catalysts any date Max Gäßler BaMa, Exp
Modelling of a one-dimensional (1D) fixed-bed reactor model for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. any date Kerstin Albers RiMa, MoSi
Synthesis of Co-based innovative (core-shell) catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. any date Kerstin Albers BaMa, Exp
Development of a measuring method for the temperature-programmed desorption of ammonia for catalyst characterization. any date Kerstin Albers BaMa, ExpCon
Design and testing of a experimental setup for reactions with gases and liquids. any date Jens Friedland Ba, ExpCon
Analysis of the solution-diffusion mechanism in hazardous gas-liquid reactions mediated by membrane. any date Jens Friedland Ma, MoSi
Magnetic nanoparticles in chemical reactors: suspensions with special properties. any date Jens Friedland BaMa, Exp
On the basis of experimental data selected methanation kinetics for Fe@core-shell catalysts are supposed to be parameterized. Therefore, a transient 1D pseudohomogeneous tubular reactor model is already available, which shall be utilized for parameter estimation in MatLab and/or Python. any date Tobias Heinz BaMa, ExpMoSi
Artificial neural networks (aNN) are able to represent reactor simulations and give the opportunity to determine model parameters. For this purpose, a large number of reactor simulations is needed to train the aNN in Python requiring a sufficiently large data set. The concept of training aNN with simulation data shall be developed in this task. any date Tobias Heinz BaMa, MoSi
Fe catalyst used for synthesis of hydrocarbons from syngas undergo structural changes during reaction, which can be investigated using magnetic measurement methods. The task is to develop an in situ measurement unit for reaction experiments under methanation conditions (i.e., 1 bar, 450 °C) to determine various magnetic properties of the active compounds. upon agreement Tobias Heinz RiMa, ExpCon


Running Theses

Title Student Type
Synthese und Charakterisierung verschiedener NickelKatalysatoren für die COx-Methanisierung Roman Becher Ba, Exp
Modellgestützte Untersuchung der Massenbilanzfehler bei der Probennahme bei Fischer-Tropsch-Versuchsanlagen anhand einer vereinfachten Prozesssimulation Janina Palumbo Ba, MoSi
Scale-up concepts of the biphasic dehydration of Xylose to Furfural Nicolas Detzel Ma, Con
Kinetic evaluation of the biphasic dehydration of Xylose to Furfural Corinna Jungnitz Ma, MoSi

Example Gallery (Selection)

Methane Synthesis on Mars

The Bachelor thesis (Ba-MoSi 2021 in German) analyzed a chemical reactor for synthesis of methane on Mars using the Aspen Plus simulation software. The conditions at Mars are really exciting for chemical reaction engineers.

Chemical Rollercoaster

The Master thesis (Ma-MoSiExp 2021) investigated the oxidation of methane into syngas at temperatures up to 1000°C for application in chemical looping. Syngas can be used in a next step for e-fuels synthesis.

Continuous Particle Synthesis

Based on a Bachlor thesis (Ba-Exp 2016 in German) we published a scientific paper in May 2017 on the continuous synthesis of nanostructured Co3O4@SiO2 core-shell particles using a laminar-flow reactor.

Highly Dynamic Experiments

Very fast periodic experiments allow to analyze the elementary steps in heterogeneous catalysis resolved for each individuel reactand, which was done in a Master thesis (Ma-Exp 2021).

Dynamic Reactor Behavior

In August 2017 we successfully published a scientific paper analyzing the dynamic behavior of continuously stirred tank reactors based on a Bachelor thesis (Ba-MoSi 2016 in German).

Limited by Chemical Equilibrium?

If yes: The Master thesis (Ma-Exp 2021) investigated sorption-enhanced methanation, in order to shift the chemical equilibrium towards the product side. The challenge is the dynamic operation of the reactor, which is then needed.