Sommersemester 2017

15/2017Di, 11.04Dr. Ali Abdel-MageedMethanation of CO/CO2 on supported Ru/TiO2 catalysts: development report
16/2017Di, 18.04M.Sc. Dorothea AlwastElectrochemical Model Studies for Mg-air and Li ion Batteries
16/2017Do, 20.04 8:30-17hDPG Dresden /GdCh Weimar Sonderseminar in HIU building (room 230)
19/2017Di, 09.05Prof. Christian Hess, TU-DarmstadtShining light on ceria-based catalytic materials at work
19/2017Do, 11.05 8:30-17hDPG Dresden /GdCh WeimarSonderseminar in HIU building (room 230)
23/2017Fr, 09.06PD Dr. Joachim BansmannSafety Instruction
25/2017 12:30hFr, 23.06Dr. Luis Colmenares (CIDETEC, Spain)Zinc Air-Batteries: the challenges to make it reversible
28/2017Di, 11.07PD Dr. Joachim Bansmann and Dr. Ali Abdel-Mageed Surface Chemistry of Au/CeO2 upon Strong Reduction at High Temperature (CO400 pretreatments)
30/2017Fr, 28.07Dr. Zenonas JusysA „battery“ DEMS: dream or reality?
37/2017Fr, 15.09 14:15h 43.2.102B.Sc. Monalisa ChakrabortyCathode|Electrolyte Interphase on LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Studied by In Situ ATR-FTIRS


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Gemeinsames Sonderseminar April / Mai 2017

Sonderseminar 20. April 2017

Sung Sakong

Thermodynamic sampling of the electrode potential on a Pt(111) electrode
Dorothea AlwastModel Studies on the Electrochemical Decomposition of BMP TFSI on Gold and Glassy Carbon Electrodes
Christian ZambrzyckiNanoscale Fe@SiO2 Core-Shell Model Catalysts for Synthesis Gas Reactions
Isabella WeberLi-Ion Battery Anodes: Electrochemical Model Studies at the Electrode|Electrolyte Interphase
Ali Abdel-MageedMethanol synthesis from CO2/H2 on Au/ZnO catalysts: Nature of Au adsorption sites and surface species under reaction conditions
Markus EckardtNanostructured carbon-tantalum (oxy)nitride composite materials as active Pt-free oxygen reduction catalyst
Joachim BansmannElectronic properties of Au nanoparticles on CeO2 in the
water-gas shift (WGS) reaction using operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Zenonas JusysAnode support degradation under H2 fuel starvation conditions – A combined electrochemical and online mass spectrometric model study
David MahlbergAdsorption on PtRu surface alloys and stepped surface: A computational study
Holger EuchnerAb initio modeling of Li-rich transition metal oxyfluorides
Jens KleinElectro-oxidation of CO on model electrodes – Atomic scale level nanostructures and their impact on the catalyst performance
Martin SchillingSTM investigation on the adsorption of water on Ru(0001) - Influence of temperature and coadsorbed CO
Anik SenThe effect of different anchoring groups on immobilized Ruthenium (II) Bipyridine complexes for dye sensitised solar cells: A computational study
Florian BuchnerIntercalation and Deintercalation of Lithium at the Ionic Liquid|Graphite(0001) Interface
Sonderseminar 11. Mai 2017
Ali Abdel-MageedCompeting Reverse Water Gas Shift (RWGS) reaction and CO₂ methanation on Ru/TiO₂: Temperature induced structural changes?
Jihyun KimInteraction of an Ionic Liquid Adlayer with Li4Ti5O12 and Influence of Pre- and Post-deposited Lithium - A Model Study of the Electrode|Electrolyte Interface
Thomas DiemantThe chemical properties of PtCu/Ru(0001) monolayer surface alloys
Florian GossenbergerCoadsorption of anions and cations on platinum
Angela StraßCobalt@Zeolite Core-Shell Catalysts for an Integrated Fischer-Tropsch and Hydrocracking Process
Corinna FauthRegeneration of a deactivated diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) by NO and CO
Maral Bozorgchenani Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution in the (Mg₂+ containing) Ionic Liquid BMP-TFSI
Yuchen WangOn the origin of the promoting effect of H₂ on the (preferential) CO oxidation on supported Au catalysts
Stephan BeckordThe AgxPt1−x/Pt(111) surface alloy system as model catalyst for the ORR - Studies on the effect of structure and corrosion on the electrocatalytic activity
Jannik SchumacherDynamic Solid Catalyst Modeling: An example for chemical engineering modeling in the field of heterogeneous catalysis
Konstantin SchüttlerZn on Au(111) - Surface alloy formation and interaction with Oxygen
Markus JäckleDiffusion properties of lithium and magnesium studied using DFT: growth phenomena and the effect of an electric field
Jan KučeraDFT modeling of formic acid decomposition over late transition metals: on the road to lower activation barriers