Wintersemester 2015/2016

43/2015 43.2.102Mi, 21.10 14:00hDr. Feng Wang (MPI Mülheim)In situ EPR studies of the redox properties of CuO/CeO2 catalysts for the preferential oxidation of CO (PROX)
43/2015 Fr, 23.10M. Sc. Markus Eckardt (Univ. Ulm)Understanding Degradation Processes and Optimizing Cathode Materials for PEMFCs
45/2015 PC-KolloqDi, 03.11Prof. Dr. Joost Wintterlin (LMU München)STM of Operating Catalysts: A Case Study on the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
45/2015Fr, 06.11 Dr. Thomas Diemant (Univ. Ulm)Surface Analysis by X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy - Basics and Applications
46/2015Fr, 14.11Vjekoslav Kokoric (Univ. Ulm)iHWG - substrate integrated hollow waveguides at the Institute of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Fr, 20.11

M.Sc. Jens Klein (Univ. Ulm)HER on Pt-Clusters and bulk CO oxidation on PtRu surface alloys – The role of nanostructures for electrocatalytic activity
48/2015 47.2.102Di, 24.11 16:00hDr. Zenonas Jusys (Univ. Ulm)Formic Acid Oxidation on Au Electrode Studied by Fast Scan ATR-FTIRS and Simultaneous DEMS/ATR-FTIRS
49/2015 PC KolloqDi, 01.12Dr. Frédéric Maillard (UMR 5279 CNRS - Grenoble INP - Univ. Joseph Fourier - Univ. Savoie Mont Blanc) Life and death of carbon-supported Pt-based nanoparticles in model and real proton-exchange membrane fuel cell environment


2/2016Di, 12.01M. Sc. Dorothea Alwast (Univ. Ulm)A Novel Approach for Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry Studies on the Decomposition of Ionic Liquids
2/2016 HS 45.2Th, 14.01 14:15hM. Sc. Philip Reinsberg (Univ. Bonn)ORR in Mg containing electrolytes
3/2016Di, 19.01M. Sc. Konstantin Schüttler (Univ. Ulm)Zn on Au(111):  growth and alloy formation
4/2016Di, 26.01M. Sc. Isabella Weber (Univ. Ulm)Model Studies on the SEI Formation in Lithium-Ion Batteries
4/2016Fr, 29.01M. Sc. Maral Bozorgchenani (Univ. Ulm)Interaction of Battery Electrolyte Components with Solid Electrodes
5/2016Di, 02.02M. Sc. Ali Abdel-Mageed (Univ. Ulm)Operando investigations of particle size and support effects during the Selective CO Methanation over oxide supported Ru nanoparticles in idealized and realistic H2 feed gases
5/2016Fr, 05.02Dipl. Chem. Stephan Beckord (Univ. Ulm)Stability of Bimetallic Surface Alloys under Electrochemical Conditions
6/2016 PC KolloqDi, 09.02Prof. Dr. Guido Schmitz (Univ. Stuttgart)Atom Probe Tomography: Reactions on Top of the Tip
6/2016Fr, 12.02B. Sc. Elena Fischer (Univ. Ulm)Spectroelectrochemical and Electrocatalytic Properties of Strained Pt and Pd monoilayers on Au and Ag Substrates
7/2016 47.2.101Di, 16.02 16:00hM. Sc. Ali Abdel-Mageed (Univ. Ulm)Disputation Ali Abdel-Mageed
7/2016Fr., 19.02Dr. Gabriela Kucerova (Univ. Ulm)Au/CeO2: a never ending story
8/2016 PC KolloqMi, 23.02 10:15hProf. Hisato Yamamatsu, Toyota Technological Institute (Japan)Transient and Steady-State Reaction Kinetics of CO Oxidation Catalyzed by Uni-Sized Pt Clusters Directly Bound to a Si Surface


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