Exam Regulations

General Regulations

There is an exam, oral or written, for every course at the end of the lecture period of each semester. For lab courses, students usually have to present a report for each performed experiment and at the end they will earn a certificate of achievement (pass/fail).

Time frame for exams: last week of lecture period + three weeks following lecture period.

To attend an exam and earn the credits for the relative course, students must register via the LSF portal.
Exams are usually available for registration in the online study portal around June, 20 (summer semester) and January, 20 (winter semester).
Exam dates are update regularly in the Physics Website and will be sent our per email during the semester.

Registration and Cancellation

Registration is active till 4 days before the exam date, midnight the latest.

If a student cannot attend the exam for any reason, they should cancel the exam registration 4 days before the exam date, midnight the latest.
If a student does not show up on an exam date, and has not cancelled his/her registration, the exam will be considered as failed.
If a student fall ill during the four days between registration and the exam date, and cannot attend the exam, he/she should see a doctor and get a medical certificate stating the illness. The medical certificate has to be sent to the Studiensekretariat as soon as possible.
If a student has difficulties with the online portal around the deadline for registration, or cancellation, the student should send immediately an email to the Studiensekretariat, as a proof of either registration or cancellation.

Retake Exam

Failed exams can be repeated only two times.

Passed exams cannot be repeated.

Courses can have an open or closed retake exam:

  • Open retake exam: the retake exam is open for everyone to attend. 
  • Closed retake exam: the retake exam can be attended only by students who failed in the first exam or who were ill.

Master's Thesis

Length and Admission

LengthThe period from the application to the Master's thesis, to the submission is six months. The examination board may extend this period up to four weeks. 

Students are allowed to apply for the Master's thesis after completing the following credits:

  • 8 CP in Biophysics Laboratory Course
  • 4 CP in Biophysics Seminar
  • 9 CP in Biophysics: Fundamental Methods
  • 9 CP in Biophysics: Advanced Methods
  • 9 CP in Adaptation Modules
  • one module from the Specialization area
  • 15 CP in either the Biophysics Research Project or the Selected Research Project

Good Scientific Practice - report/thesis writing

Please pay attention to the recommendations for Good Scientific Practice for the writing of reports and thesis, as agreed from the Plenum of the Konferenz der Fachbereiche Physik (KFP) (http://www.kfp-physik.de/dokument/index.html).


Dr. Rachele Fermani

Coordinator M. Sc. "Physics" and M. Sc. "Biophysics"

Room N25/3101
Office hours: Mo-Thu 9 am - 12 am

Department of Physics 
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm, Germany

Tel.: ++49 (0) 731-50-22292

Download: guides and forms

  • Online exam registration

    In the following guide you will find helpful information about the online examination procedures:

    Guide for exam registration (pdf file)

  • Written exam registration

    Please do not use this application form if you are able to register for your exam online via the LSF portal!!

    Application form: Admission to exam

  • Registration for Master Thesis

    Application form - Master`s Thesis

    Please note:

    1. Supervisor (member of Ulm University and member of institute offering the thesis project, usually a professor)

    2. Supervisor (member of Ulm University and not a member of institute offering the thesis project)

  • Academic leave

    Application form - Academic leave

    Available on the website of the Studiensekreatariat - a detailed description on modalities for academic leave.

  • Additional forms

    Students can find additional information and forms (attestation for the inability to attend an exam, credits' transfer, etc.) at the webpage from the Studiensekretariat:

    Forms and Guides for students