Prof. Johan Elf: Kinetics of dCas9 target search in Escherichia coli

Zeit : Montag , 14:00 Uhr
Veranstalter : Physikalisches Kolloquium
Ort : Hörsaal H13,

Prof. Johan Elf

Uppsala University, Sweden

Cas9-based DNA targeting is radically different from that of transcription factors. Cas9 can be programmed by a guide RNA to target any sequence, at the price of the increased time required to open cellular dsDNA to test for complementarity. We have studied how much time it takes to locate a single target sequence in a living cell using single molecule fluorescence microscopy. We also measure how long time the bound dCas9 stays at a target sequence and what implications this has for repression of a targeted gene.

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Host: Prof. Gebhardt, Tel. 23364, off.: 23051