Prof. Dr. Dirk Lang

Research Interests

There are striking differences in the ability of vertebrates to repair axonal connections. Mammals cannot regenerate CNS axons efficiently, resulting in permanent loss of function after injury. In contrast, non-mammalian species (particularly fish and amphibians) are able to functionally restore distrupted CNS axon connections. Against this background, my work is focused on the following aspects:

  • The influence of the tissue micro-environment
  • Neuron-intrinsic properties
  • The contribution of neurogenesis to the regenerative process in the CNS of fish, amphibians and reptiles.

Service and training:
At my home university (the University of Cape Town, South Africa), I am leading a light microscopy core facility featuring high-end confocal, 2-photon and super-resolution instruments ( and coordinate the annual events of the IBRO-UCT African Centre for Advanced Training in Neuroscience. (



Prof. Dr. Dirk Lang
Institute of Neurobiology
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Master students:
Anmol Nazir
Tran Le