Academic staff

Name, title (position)Phone +49-(0)731-50-Fax +49-(0)731-50-RoomWebpage
Wolf, Harald, Prof. Dr. (director of the institute)2263022629M25/5205Link
Herwig, Annika Dr.  Prof. Dr. (deputy director)2264822629M25/5212Link
Diedrich, Victoria, Dr.2268522629M25/5213Link
Dreier, Carola, Dr. 2263622929M25/5210Link
Drozd, Denise , PhD candidate2264422629M25/5417
Dünnebeil, Anja, PhD candidate2264422629M25/5417
Haugg, Elena, PhD candidate 2267222629M25/5207Link
Hladik, Janina, PhD candidate2264422629M25/5417
Hoang, Anh Cuong, PhD candidate 2466622629M25/5404
Mader, Wolfgang, Dr.2263322629M25/5211Link
Pfeffer, Sarah, Dr.2268722629M25/5215Link
Röszer, Tamás, Dr. habil.2269522629M25/5406Link
Stemme, Torben, Dr.2264322629M25/5214Link
Yu, Haidong, PhD candidate2466622629M25/5404
Ehret, Günter, Prof. em.2262822629Uni Ost, M24/306Link

How to find us

Ulm University
Institute of Neurobiology
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
M25 - Niveau 5
89081 Ulm, Germany

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