Post-graduate seminar (Neurobiologisches Oberseminar)

Normally on Wednesdays, 12:30h, in M25/5208

Summer Semester 2019 schedule

17.04.2019:   Kathrin Kohn; disputation Bachelor thesis

08.05.2019: Anna-Maria Gierke; disputation Bachelor thesis

15.05.2019:  Dr. habil. Tamás Röszer; "New horizons"

22.05.2019:   Marina Durner, Carina Praisler, Julia Natan; presentation Bachelor project, hamster group

05.06.2019:   Manuela da Cunha Azevedo; disputation Bachelor thesis

12.06.2019:  Denise Drozd; presentation PhD project
"Map-like representation of chemosensory input in the synganglion of two scorpion species"

17.07.2019: Dr. Marie Hörnig, Greifswald
"Evolutionary reconstructions of reproductive strategies and predatory behaviour of winged insect: what fossils can tell us about complex behaviour"

11.09.2019: Antonia Stubenvoll; bachelor thesis, Röszer group


Winter semester 2019/2020 schedule

16.10.2019: Marina Durner, Carina Praisler, Julia Natan: Final poster presentation bachelor theses (hamster group)

23.10.2019: Emily Prevost: Presentation Master thesis: Homing in scorpions

30.10.2019: Tamara Leutenmayr: Zulassugsarbeit,  ant group

06.11.2019: Anh Cuong Hoang: Presentation PhD project, Röszer group

13. 11.2019: Kavitha Kannan, Lund University, scorpion project

20.11.2019: Tamara Wind, Master thesis

25.11.2019: Amelie Czermin, Leonie Sander: Bachelor project, ant group

18.12.2019: Tanja Kaier Bachelor project, Wolf group

15.01.2019: Haidong Yu, PhD project, Röszer group

14.02.2010, 14:00 Uhr, N24/101: PD Dr. Holger Görlitz, MPI for Ornithology, Seewiesen: Interspecific acoustic information networks of bats and insects: from neurons to predator-prey communities. Abstract

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