Post-graduate seminar (Neurobiologisches Oberseminar)

Normally on Wednesdays, 12:30h, in M25/5208

Winter semester 2017_18 schedule

18.10.2017: Lucian Kaack (Master Thesis)
"Effects of Imidacloprid on locomotion of Cataglyphis desert ants"

08.11.2017: Maren Haack (Bachelor Thesis)
"Die Untersuchung von Sprungbeinen bei fossilen Heuschrecken"

22.11.2017: Dr. Andy Sombke, Universität Greifswald
"Morphology and evolution of sensory and processing systems in mandibulate arthropods"

17.01.2018: Dr. Georg Brenneis, HU Berlin
"Adult neurogenesis in two distantly related arthropod groups: understanding the evolution of developmental processes underlying neural plasticity in Arthropoda"

07.02.2018: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lang,
University of Cape Town, South Africa and  Institute of Neurobiology, Ulm
"CNS axon regeneration in fish, amphibians and reptiles: influence of neuron-intrinsic factors, tissue micro environment and neurogenesis"

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