Open Positions

The Institute of Quantum Information Processing of the Ulm University is looking for several Post-doc and Ph.D students to work in the group of Prof. T.Calarco on quantum control of few- to many-body systems for quantum technologies.

Independent and brilliant candidates with experience in quantum information, quantum optics and/or quantum control are invited to apply. The positions last up to three years starting from early 2011. The salary follows standard German rules (E13 positions for post-docs).

To ensure consideration, candidates should send their CV and the name of up to three potential reference names to donatella.rosetti(at) before the 20th January 2011. However, applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Research lines include:

  • Controlled quantum dynamics of ion Coulomb crystals (EU project PICC -"The Physics of Ion Coulomb Crystals: Thermodynamics, Quantum control, and Quantum simulators");
  • Quantum control theory applied to diamond color centers (EU project DIAMANT - "Diamond based atomic nanotechnologies");
  • Atomic-based quantum interfaces (EU project MALICIA - "Light-Matterinterfaces in absence of cavities" - and German BMBF project QUOREP - "Quantum repeater platforms with quantum optical methods")


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