Institutsseminar WS 2017/18

DatumSprecherTitel ZeitOrt
01.02.2018Katrin Forster-Tonigold
Modeling the electrode | ionic liquid interface 13:15 hO25/648
25.01.2018Mohnish Pandey
Technical University of Denmark
Computational Screening of Light Absorbers for Tandem Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Devices and Hydrogen Evolution 14:15 hO25/648
18.01.2018Xiaohang Lin
Shandong University
The influence of Si phase nucleation and growth by Fe containing intermetallic compound clusters in liquid state Al-Si alloy 14:15 hO25/648
11.01.2018Holger Euchner
Hard carbon as anode material for sodium ion batteries - an atomistic perspective 14:15 hO25/648
14.12.2017Theodoros Tsatsoulis
MPI Stuttgart

Ulm University
Towards efficient coupled-cluster theories for periodic surfaces 14:15 hO25/648
16.11.2017Katharina Helmbrecht
Malte Matthias Smits
Daniel Stottmeister 
Ulm University
Diffusion on metal electrodes 14:15 hO25/648
13.11.2017Axel Groß
Ulm University
Chemie und Materialien im Computer - Chancen und Herausforderungen 18:30hO25/H1
26.10.2017Megan Jackson
Inner-Sphere Electron Transfer at Graphite-Conjugated Surface Sites 14:15 hO25/648
19.10.2017Aleksej Goduljan
Ulm University
On the double layer in gold nanotubes 14:15 hO25/648
05.10.2017Nils Hausner
Ulm University
Properties of ionic liquids
14:15 hO25/648