Institutsseminar SS 2018/19

DatumSprecherTitel ZeitOrt
19.07.2018Marcel Rost
Leiden University
Correlation of Surface Site Formation to Nano-Island Growth in the Electrochemical Roughening of Pt(111) 14:15 hO25/346
05.07.2018Zhengda He
University of Science and Technology of China
Adsorption of Hydrogen and Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Pt(110) 14:15 hO25/346
07.06.2018David Mahlberg
Ulm University
Metastability of surface alloys 14:15 hO25/346
24.05.2018Sung Sakong
Ulm University
Thermodynamic description of charge polarization and solvation at electrochemical interfaces 14:15 hO25/346