Physikalisches Kolloquium WS 17/18

Time: Monday, 16:15 pm
Location: N24 / lecture hall H13

Coffee and tea for the colloquiums guests at 16:00 in front of the lecture hall.

DateSpeaker / TopicHost


Prof. Johan Elf (Uppsala University, Sweden):
Kinetics of dCas9 target search in Escherichia coli ...more
Prof. Gebhardt
30.10.2017Prof. Jochen Rau (Theoretische Physik, UUlm):
The beauty of the basics – what I learnt while teaching physics in Ulm ...more
Prof. Plenio

Stadthaus Ulm

Ulm Lectures 50th Anniversary UULM

Prof. W. Moerner (Stanford University, USA):
What Can You Learn from Watching Single Molecules? From Super-Resolution Imaging to Nanoscale Probes of 3D Dynamics in Cells ...more

Prof. Reineker
Prof. Jelezko
13.11.2017Prof. Eric Lutz (Universität Erlangen):
A single atom heat engine ...more
Prof. Ankerhold,
Dr. Kubala
20.11.2017Prof. J. Hauer (TU München):
The functional roles of vibronic coupling in carotenoids ...more
Prof. Huelga
27.11.2017Prof. Giovanni Morigi (Universität des Saarlandes):
Unusual forms of condensed matter ...more 
Prof. Huelga
04.12.2017Dr. Stefan Seeliger (Fa. Zwick GmbH):
Generating optimized motions using Fourier series ...more
Prof. Marti
11.12.2017Prof. Klaus Blaum (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg):
Measuring the World - Precision Measurements of Fundamental Properties of Atoms and Nuclei ...more
Prof. Denschlag
18.12.2017Prof. Heinrich Hoerber (Experimental Physics, Ulm University):
Interacting with Nano Structures ...more
08.01.2018Prof. Antoine Browaeys (Laboratoire Charles Fabry Institut d’Optique, CNRS, Paris):
Many-body physics with arrays of individual Rydberg atoms ...more 
Prof. Plenio
15.01.2018Prof. Mauro Paternostro (University Belfast):
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Quantum Processes ...more 
Prof. Huelga
22.01.2018Prof. Dieter Suter (TU Dortmund):
Electronic and nuclear spins as building blocks for robust quantum computers ...more
Prof. Marti
29.01.2018Prof. Roderich Moessner (Max-Planck-Institut für Komplexe Systeme, Dresden):
Thermodynamics and order beyond equilibrium - from Floquet thermalisation to time Crystals ...more
Prof. Reineker
05.02.2018Prof. Corinna Kollath (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn):
Quantum simulations with strongly correlated ultracold gases ...more
Prof. Huelga
12.02.2018Prof. Florian Banhart (University of Strasbourg, France):
Ultrashort electron pulses for imaging, diffraction and spectroscopy ...more
Prof. Kaiser

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