Prof. Juan Garrahan: Large deviation methods in classical and quantum non-equilibrium

Zeit : Montag , 16:15
Veranstalter : Physikalisches Kolloquium
Ort : Hörsaal H13,

Prof. Juan Garrahan

University of Nottingham, UK


Very often many-body systems - both classical and quantum - have dynamical behaviour that is more complex and richer that what can be anticipated from their static properties. For systems with stochastic dynamics, it is possible to define a statistical mechanics of trajectories, that is, a framework for studying ensembles of trajectories in a manner analogous to ensembles of configurations in equilibrium statistical mechanics. This provides a natural platform to describe and characterise complex non-equilibrium behaviour borrowing concepts and methods from equilibrium thermodynamics. This approach is based on the mathematics of large deviations. I will illustrate these ideas in a range of contexts, such as classical glassy systems, and open quantum systems displaying intermittency and metastability, and show that many of their interesting dynamical features stem from phase transitions in the space of trajectories. Time permitting, I will connect to ideas about (continuous) matrix product states, state smoothing (aka prediction/retrodiction), and feedback and control.


Organisation: Prof. Dr. F. Jelezko, Tel. 23750

Host: Prof. Huelga, Tel. 22924, off.: 22911