Design, monitoring and processing of anaerobic digestion in continuous reactor for mixture of the energy crops. Evaluation and analysing the priming effect of sugar beet silage use as co-substrate with less degradable feedstock (maize silage, grass silage, straw), showing significant behaviour in terms of biogas yield, methane production rate as well as process stability. In addition, a dynamic model is developing to describe the kinetics of fermentation process in Continuously Operating Biogas Reactor (COBR).





2012 - PhD Thesis: "Real Time Process Modelling of the Biogas Formation from Substrate mixtures".
2007-2010M.Sc in Process Engineering & Energy Technology
Master thesis: "Contribution on simulation of Externally Fired Gas Turbine (EFGT) Cycle using Aspen Plus and under consideration of Fouling aspect in a High temperature Heat Exchanger."
2001-2006B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh.
Bachelor thesis: Control and design of an Inverted Pendulum.

Research interest

  • Energy from biomass.
  • Optimization and Modeling the anaerobic digestion process of biomass.
  • Simulation of chemical and mechanical process.
  • Data analysis.