Dr.-Ing. Eva Peiker-Feil

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PhD Thesis


OFDM Transmission over Fast Time-Variant Channels


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Research Interests
  • Wireless transmission in fast time-variant environments
  • OFDM and windowing for OFDM
  • WiMAX

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Embedded Aigaion Query 2009

E. Peiker, W. Teich and J. Lindner
Windowing in the Receiver for OFDM Systems in High-Mobility Scenarios
Multi-Carrier Systems & Solutions MC-SS 2009, Herrsching, Germany, May 2009


E. Peiker, J. Dominicus, W. Teich and J. Lindner
Improved Performance of OFDM Systems for Fast Time-Varying Channels
2nd International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ICSPCS'2008), Gold Coast, Australia, December 2008
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E. Peiker, J. Dominicus, W. Teich and J. Lindner
Reduction of Intercarrier-Interference in OFDM Systems through Application of Windowing in the Receiver
13th International OFDM Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, August 2008
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